ADT monitoring signs and stickers

ADT monitoring yard signs and window stickers

Help secure your home with an ADT-monitored yard signs and window stickers

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ADT monitoring yard signs — the first line of defense

ADT yard signs

Do ADT monitoring signs help?

Nothing can replace the security you get with a full, ADT-monitored security system.

6 of 10 convicted burglars agree they would avoid a home protected by a security system.

Yard signs let someone know that you’re protected by security monitoring and can help deter “spur-of-the-moment crime.”

However, a University of North Carolina study found that wireless home security systems actually deter crime and reduce risk.

Every ADT monitoring security system includes:

  • ADT monitoring yard sign
  • ADT monitoring window sticker
  • Digital keypad
  • Wireless keychain remote
  • Infrared motion detector
  • Battery backup
  • Entryway sensors

In addition, you can add on cameras, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors and more to customize your home security system.


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How do I order yard signs and decals?

If you’d like to order new ADT monitoring yard signs and stickers, you can shop new ADT-monitored security from SafeStreets today.

If you’d like to replace your ADT monitoring yard signs as a current customer, please call either:

  • 855-980-2545 for SafeStreets customers
  • 877-907-6760 for current ADT security customers

What’s the best ADT monitoring window sticker placement?

Why get a full security system?

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Don't rely on stickers and signs that don't have a true monitoring system to back them up. Protect yourself with the experience and intelligence of ADT, the nation's largest security monitoring provider. With millions of customers across North America, it's safe to say that ADT-monitored security is the most trusted name in the industry.