8 Apps Designed for Your Personal Safety

An ADT home monitoring system offers around-the-clock protection, but how do you keep your family safe once you’ve stepped out the door? No matter whether you’re driving to work, surfing the web or going out with friends, it’s important to keep personal safety a top priority. The following eight smartphone applications are designed to help you stay safe – even when you’re on the go.



*Compatible with iPhone and Android devices. Price: FREE.
Handwritten cards that list medications, allergies and health conditions can easily get lost or thrown away. In the event of a sudden health scare, you’ll want others to have easy and secure access to important medical details. Organize your own health information – or another family member’s information – with the help of the CareZone app. CareZone lets users safely store a list of prescriptions along with proper dosages and directions. In addition, users can set medication reminders, track vitals and record symptoms. Most importantly, the app allows users to digitally share medical information with family members or trusted caregivers.


Medical ID

*Preinstalled on iOS devices. Price: FREE.
Just like your driver’s license, Apple’s Medical ID can come in handy when you can’t provide pertinent health information due to an injury or medical reaction. If you’re ever in an accident, first responders can open the app through your iPhone’s home screen – even when locked. Medical ID allows users to input medical conditions, allergies, medications, medical notes and emergency contacts (especially helpful for responders to let loved ones know you’re in trouble). Another feature is the ability to sign up as an organ donor through Donate Life America’s organ donation registry. If you’re already a donor you can let the app know, and you’ll get a pink heart on your profile, similar to the hearts located on government-issued IDs.



Google Authenticator

google app
*Compatible with Android, iPhone and BlackBerry devices. Price: FREE.
Added security is always a good measure when it comes to signing-in online. Google’s 2-Step Verification system offers a multi-platform application, Google Authenticator, which provides users with an extra layer of security when signing onto their Google accounts. Instead of only having a password, Google Authenticator provides a generated code for you to enter before you’re allowed access to your account. This app works like a personal security system for your online accounts.



Keeper® Password Manager

wood safe
*Compatible with Android, iPhone and Windows devices. Price: FREE.
CNN reported that personal information was hacked from more than 400 million online accounts in 2014 alone. Managing multiple passwords is difficult, but personal account information can be easily stolen if it’s written on a piece of paper or saved in an online document. Keeper® secures all your passwords in a vault with the help of a master password, two-step verification and fingerprint login capabilities. In addition to advanced security technology, the app measures your password strength and offers fast account access features. Get peace of mind knowing your passwords to online email, banking and social media accounts aren’t exposed to hackers.



Find My Friends

cell laptop
*Preinstalled on iOS devices. Price: FREE.
Travelling a long distance for work and need someone to check on you? Since texting while driving is both illegal in many states and dangerous to yourself and others, you can use Apple’s Find My Friends app to let someone you trust keep tabs on your whereabouts. Easy to set up and operate, the app lets you share your location – either temporarily or permanently – with up to 50 people. Find My Friends can be helpful to parents who need to know where their kids are, especially if they’re out past curfew.



cell safe
*Compatible with iPhone and Android devices. Price: $2.99 per month after 30-day trial.
No matter whether you’re walking home alone or waiting around at a bus stop, the SafeTrek app’s mission is to keep you safe and sound until you arrive at your destination. It also sends emergency assistance to your location when you need help. In an uncomfortable situation, open the app and hold your finger on its safe button. If you’re in danger, simply lift your finger. After 10 seconds, SafeTrek will send the user’s information – including his or her location – to emergency dispatch. Users who are not in danger should immediately enter their PIN, marking themselves as safe. In January 2017 alone, this app has helped in almost 1,500 emergencies, according to the SafeTrek site.




car 2
*Compatible with iPhone and Android devices. One-time fee for adapter: $129.95.
Turn your car smart with Automatic Pro’s unlimited, 3G monitoring and tracking service. While this one requires an added adapter for your car, all you need to do is plug it into your car’s diagnostic port. If you’re ever in an accident, Automatic’s trained responders will be able to contact you and emergency services when the adapter detects a serious accident. If your car is lost or stolen, the 3G monitoring will be able to track it down in no time. Plus, if your car experiences a hiccup, or the engine light pops up out of nowhere, you’ll be able to open the app and see what’s wrong.



*Compatible with iPhone and Android devices. Annual fee for membership: $59, $89 or $119.
Unexpected car problems and accidents happen every day, but it’s important to be prepared while you’re on the road. AAA membership holders have access to the automobile service’s smartphone app, as it includes helpful features for both new and experienced drivers. App users can request roadside assistance for a number of issues, including a flat tire, lockout, dead battery and more, with just a click of a button. In just 2015, AAA helped more than 30 million drivers who needed roadside assistance, according to the AAA site. So whether you’re on a road trip or commuting to work, make sure your safety comes first.


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