ADT and McAfee Study Links Physical and Online Security Risks

Considering the ever-increasing role of technology in the world of home security, the intersection between physical and digital security comes as no surprise. A study that ADT and McAfee jointly conducted demonstrates the link between physical and online security risks, along with the need for increased protection in both realms.

The survey involved more than 1,000 consumers between the ages of 18 and 54. More than 51% of the survey participants reported that their personal security has been compromised by both physical and online breaches. The survey also showed that, although many consumers use their smartphones to control their home alarm systems (33% of respondents), many of them still share their mobile passwords with at least one other person (49% of respondents).

The failure of so many consumers to take basic security precautions with their personal devices underscores the need for awareness, according to an ADT press release.

The survey also revealed another way digital and physical security are closely linked. Among those survey participants who had experienced a home break-in, 59% reported that a computer or mobile device was stolen, exposing their personal data to thieves.

The ADT and McAfee partnership

A partnership between ADT and McAfee was announced at January’s Consumer Electronics Show, an annual showcase for new and innovative technologies. ADT has been a leading home security provider for more than 100 years and currently provides monitored security services to 6.4 million homeowners and business owners.

McAfee is the number one security technology company in the world and has earned a reputation for consistently providing customers with cutting-edge security solutions. McAfee is dedicated to empowering consumers with products that allow them to operate securely in a digital age, both in personal and business settings.

Thanks to the collaboration between ADT and McAfee, ADT will be bundling its home security and automation product, ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions, with McAfee LiveSafe™, a digital protection service that helps protect consumers’ personal data and identities.

‘Another vital layer of security’

Company officials believe the combination of these two security services will offer customers an additional layer of protection for identities, homes, properties and personal information.

“In today’s always connected digital world, our entire lives are managed and are accessible across our devices,” said John Giamatteo, Senior Vice President and General Manager of McAfee Consumer Business. “With the Internet of Things rapidly evolving, our partnership with ADT marks a critical advance in protecting consumers’ property and information in more ways than ever before.”

And according to Arthur Orduña, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at ADT, “Partnering with McAfee adds another vital layer of security to our Pulse solution with McAfee LiveSafe service, and opens up innovation opportunities for our platforms and products.